Saturday, July 30, 2016

Getting A Quilt Fix (Blaine, WA)

While we were in La Conner, I had to visit the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum.  I'm not sure what I enjoy seeing again - the quilt exhibits or this grand old Victorian mansion built in 1891.
I was only allowed to take photos on the first floor which included the old kitchen and a gift/fabric shop.  So, here are a few photos that I was able to take.
The parlor was filled with a weaving exhibit.  Of course, I had to get a photo of the cat.
The rest of the first floor was filled with Colonial Revival Quilts.
Each quilt's story was told by its maker accompanied by a photo of an old quilt that inspired them.
The second and third floor were filled with fiber art and quilts from Japan by Sachiko Yoshida and students using silk from old kimonos.  The fabric does not look easy to work with, but the results are amazing.  Since I could not take a photo, I borrowed photo from Pinterest.  You can find more work by Sachiko Yoshida online.
Sachiko Yoshida Flowering:
from Pinterest
One more photo of the couple with a vision for this beautiful home we are still able to enjoy - Mr. and Mrs. Gaches.
Photos of the Gaches and their home
Across the street from the museum, there is a small butterfly garden open to the public.  I did a quick walk through since I had already spent quite a bit of time in the museum.
I am in love with the gardens in the northwest.  So lush and vibrant!  Interesting flower below.  Does anyone know the name of this one?
Walking down the stairs to the main street, I noticed the big cherries on this tree.  Not quite ripe for picking, but a great photo op for a colorful scenic view of La Conner.
On The Cutting Board
Sales have slowed down, so I am getting caught up on my UFOs.  Three more Happy Campers are ready for edging and layering.
I spent one beautiful day basting the Lover's Knot quilt.  It is now in the hoop and getting a little attention each evening.  So nice to be back to hand quilting in a hoop.
Happy Quilting!


  1. At 1st glance, the plant looks like bee balm

  2. Hi there Sandy. What a treat....quilts and a beautiful old house in one....fabulous. I would have loved it too. The plant is monarda or beebalm. I planted some in my French garden last year and it's stunning this year and the bees love it! There are some pics on my blog. X

  3. Yep...bee balm....pretty color - pretty home!

    1. Thanks Ann! They certainly are beautiful flowers.


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