Sunday, July 17, 2016

Connecting With Pieced Quilting (Mount Vernon, WA)

I have been in a WiFi black hole for the past three weeks.  No cell phone service and very little internet connection.  Even satellite TV was iffy at times. The campground in La Conner is a great place to be if you want to get away from it all,
 I love La Conner for the scenic views, the small quaint towns, and the delicious food, but the charm of being disconnected from the world is short lived with me.  I'm happy to say we are sort of connected again even if it is on the slow side here in Mount Vernon.  We move tomorrow (Monday) back to Blaine, WA.  I hope to do some catching up in the next week with everything I have been doing lately.

On The Cutting Board
And while I'm on the subject of feeling disconnected.  It has been a long time since I sat down and did some serious hand-pieced quilting.  Sales have slowed down in my shop and my inventory is overflowing with Mug Rugs, so I'm taking the quiet time to finish two retro quilts in 1930s design fabric.  I love this fabric so much that I have a Rubbermaid tub filled with just this fabric.
So far, all the work has been by hand.  From marking the fabric for cutting and for the quarter inch seam line to cutting each piece out with scissors (no multi-layered cutting here) and sewing the pieces together by hand.  
Still working on the Nine-Patch
Time consuming? Yes.  One of the best ways to stay entertained while disconnected?  Absolutely!  Okay, I cheated a little by listening to books on my iPod.

The thing is that I did not realize just how much I have been missing the process of making a quilt by hand.  The anticipation of marking/cutting the fabric and dreaming of what the quilt would look like while sewing the pieces together.  Granted, most of the pieces were cut out a long time ago, but it turned out the I was short a couple of blocks, so I did have to go back to the start with templates and pencil.

The feeling of seeing a top finished and knowing it all came together with no help from a machine is so satisfying.  If I do need to use a sewing machine, it will be to sew on borders.
 I finished the Lover's Knot top and I do believe that it is time to blow the dust off of my quilting hoop for a quiet time of hand quilting.  The nine-patch will take a little longer to finish since I am thinking it will need some applique work as well.  Hmmm...
Happy Quilting!


  1. I think I own a bunch of those same fabrics and have been saving them for something vintage style. My nine-patch is now waiting for me to find something for backing.

  2. What gorgeous fabrics for your hand sewn quilt! Sometimes there are advantages for being disconnected. We only got broadband here in France last week and it's great but I do like being disconnected sometimes! It lends itself to a simpler life. X

  3. I love to hand piece. Its so relaxing. I have a hard time trying to find time and space to set up my sewing machine and I really enjoy the peace of hand sewing.


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