Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mini wall hangings and lighthouse

We spend almost every morning taking a walk around the base and the campgrounds.  I don't know if I have mentioned this, but Sigsbee has three different campground areas.  I think we are in the oldest section right now.  Once the sites with hook-ups are filled, we will start rotating from full hook-ups to dry camping in a different area.

In the meantime, we are happy enough with our site.  We do get tired of walking the same area so every once in awhile we take our walking shoes and head for the downtown area.  Here are some photos from visiting the Key West Lighthouse.  It is right across the street from Ernest Hemingway's home.

I found it interesting that the light keeper's widow took over his duties along with pay in 1823 when he passed away from yellow fever.  Mrs. Mabrity proved to be diligent in keeping the lighthouse running.
The first lighthouse was built along the shore, but was destroyed during a hurricane in 1846 taking 14 lives along with some of the light keeper's children.  Later, this new lighthouse was built inland, taller, and 14 ft above sea level.
Looking out the lighthouse's door
Despite her loss, Mrs. Mabrity stayed on as light keeper for 38 years until she was fired for making comments against the North during the Civil War.  Above, you can see a little of the keeper's home from the lighthouse's door.  We were able to tour the lovely home, but my photos did not turn out.
Here are some bird's eye views from the top.
I bet Mrs. Mabrity would be surprised by the all the surrounding buildings.
All that walking has worked up a good appetite so we decided to try Amigo Tortilla Bar and Restaurant on a side street near Duvall.  We sat at a bar that faced out onto the street.  People watching became our entertainment while eating huge veggie burritos.  I was so stuffed, I did not think I could walk back to the car.
Looking at Sloppy Joe's on Duval St. from Amigo
To the left, we can see the traffic on Duvall and Sloppy Joe's.  While across the street we were able to watch people come and go from Capt. Tony's Saloon.  Sloppy Joe's use to be located in Capt. Tony's building until the rent was raised from $3 to $4.  The story goes that Sloppy Joe's owner was not happy about it so he decided to move into the empty building located on Duval St.  With help from the patrons, they picked up their drinks and with their chairs walked to the new location....sat down and continued their drinking.  You just gotta love the Key West no-waves attitude. 
Capt. Tony's Saloon
This guy is trying to toss a quarter into the fish's mouth.  If you get one into the mouth, good luck will follow you as long as you are on the island.  We saw one person get one into the mouth.  Not an easy thing to do.  They were more likely to hit someone passing by than to get a quarter into the fish's mouth.

On The Cutting Board
I have been a little sidetracked with requests from returning customers.  One asked me if I could make the Fall Cones by Nancy Halvorsen.  
This was a new challenge for me and I decided to give it a try.  The customer liked the one I made so well that she asked for two more!
 She also asked if I could make a Ghost garland.  This one was quite a challenge especially trying to get the fingers to look good.  It came out a little top heavy so it takes a little work to make sure the ghosts stay upright.  I explained this to the customer and she was fine with the results.
This garland gave me an idea of making my own Happy Camper garland...hmmm.  I'll have to think about that one.

In the meantime, the holidays are just around the corner so I decided to finish a few projects that I started last year.
I can't remember what distracted me from finishing these mini wall hangings.
It certainly did not take very long to finish them.
 They are only 5 x 5 inches and very light weight.
I decided not to use loops since they are so small.  I don't recall where I saw this method to use folded corners from small squares to make a holding area for the hanger.  It was so simple and quick to assemble.
I sewed a looped ribbon to a short piece of wire.  Slipped the wire snugly into the corners.  Ta-da!  Very easy to make.
This last mini wall hanging took a little more time with the coloring and melting the crayons into fabric.
I finished this one the same way using a small dowel.  The dowel will help with keeping the hanging from curling.
Okay, I have more holiday mug rugs - eleven to be exact - to work on before the season starts.  Sooo, I better get back to the cutting board and get them done!
Happy Quilting!

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  1. Really interesting about the lighthouse. Love your Halloween sewing! X


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