Saturday, September 12, 2015

Light, Colors, and Textures (Key West, FL)

We like to visit one of Key West's most beautiful gardens built by the Key West Garden Club inside the old West Martello Tower.  A Civil War fort that was never finished, but was used later during the Spanish American War, WWI and II.  
The link gives you a brief history about the fort and how the Garden Club became the owners.
What it doesn't mention is the amount of time and loving, yet back breaking work went into making this garden.  All the dirt had to be hauled in and distributed around the fort.  If you are in Key West, this is a must see.  There is no charge.  They only ask for donations.
One of the volunteers made a comment along the line that my camera would be like wearing blinders in the garden and to look at the whole garden not just the flowers.  He said this because we asked if Key West had a better floral season over the others.  The answer - all seasons are different, but just as good due to the mild climate changes so flowers bloom year round.
That one comment rather bothered me and it isn't the first time I have had someone say something similiar.  People seem to think the only way I view the world is through my camera lens.  That is so far from the truth. 
I tend to look at the world from many angles and quite often I don't have my camera when I'm doing it.  I also get a heck of a kink in my neck from all those odd angles and from whipping my head around to take in every thing around me while walking.
I do love to focus on the unusual textures, the light, and colors, but then I pan out my view to include the overall effect.
Sometimes, I just have to focus on that one tree to see the forest.

On The Cutting Board
I am making new covers for our living room's throw pillows.  I have been looking online for the past couple of years for a southwest applique design when I came across this pattern on Pinterest.  I followed the link to  I did not think twice about ordering this pattern.  It was exactly what I had been looking for!
There are some very small pieces, so I decided to do the needle-turn applique.  I'm marking the pieces as I go.
I bought the Fons&Porter hand applique needles just before we came to Key West from JoAnn Fabrics store.  This is the first time I have used them and they are the best....Ever!!  I plan to stock up on them when we go back to the main land.  They are so slim that they do tend to bend if I am not careful.
But that is the best part about them.  The needle is so slim that it just glides through layers of fabric and grabs the smallest part of an edge without fraying.  Can you see the difference?  The red is stitched with my old needle and the gold circle is stitched with the new slim needle.  Well, I can and the best part is how much easier it was to stitch with their applique needle.  I hear John James needles are very good too, so I might try them too.
I picked out four block patterns from the quilt: the horse, the wolf, the rabbit, and the bear.  It took me awhile to collect the perfect colored batiks from different stores to match our motorhome.  Did I mentioned I had been planning this for a couple of years?  Finally, it is coming together!
I'm loving this so much that I might have to make a wall hanging or a quilt....hmm, I wonder if I could turn one of blocks into a mug rug.  Well, something new to think about...
Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Sandy, wow those gardens look stunning! What a fantastic place to visit. A rather annoying comment but we know that it certainly doesn't apply to you. I particularly like your photo of the bark with the spines. Glad the appliqué is going smoothly with the new needles and really loving those animal motifs. Maggie xx

  2. I use the John James needles and like the.them. I have never seen the Fons&Porter ones. Japanese needles are getting better these days. Maybe because of the large number of quilters.
    Without being a good observer, there would be no good photos


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