Thursday, May 14, 2015

From Gulf to Ocean (Mayport NAS, FL)

In less than two weeks, we went from the Gulf coast to the Atlantic.  During our travel east, we spent four wonderful days in the Suwannee River State Park.  The campground had good shade and plenty of space to spread out.  No complaints from the kitties!
We would have stayed longer, but this place is so popular that it is booked almost solid.  Dan was lucky to find four days in a spacious site, so we were happy to have that time.
We did a lot of walking along the park's trails.  Our favorite trail was along the Lime Sink Run that runs into the Suwannee river.  Not a very pretty name for such a beautiful spring fed river.
just hanging around getting some sun
There were plenty of turtles and squirrels to watch along trails with a few small deer.  Tall trees for deep cool shade and the trails were well marked.  
Birds were singing, but it hard to see thanks to the tall trees.  I was glimpses of a few that I have not seen before.
The Lime Sink Run is seasonal so we came at a good time.  Sunshine the whole time we were there and the spring was still running.  I could not get over how crystal clear the water looked.  
We could see the bottom most of the time unless it was too deep and in shadows.
It is too bad that it runs into the Suwanee River.  The river is almost black from decomposing vegetation.  This photo was taken at the Big Shoals State Park while walking one of the river's trails.
Largest whitewater rapids in Florida
I love my gnarly trees!  This one is more twisted than gnarly.  It leans way over the Suwannee River. I wonder how many kids wish this tree was leaning over their favorite swimming hole.  It would be perfect for tying a rope to it for swinging from this tree and into the water.
We also visited the Stephen Foster Folk Center Culture State Park.  He is the songwriter that made Suwannee River famous.  Surprise!  The man never saw the river!  The park itself was interesting with folk crafts such as jewelry, needlework, blacksmith, and wood work.  Each one had their own craft shop where they can demonstrate and show off their crafts.  There was also a small gift shop that sold a wide variety of art work.
State Park's Museum
We attracted another stray while we were staying in the park.  This guy has begging down.  I dubbed him - Oliver Twist.  He stayed outside the campsites and cried.  We watched him walk over to a recently vacated site...Meow!..they left me with no food!.....walk across the street....Meow!...oops!  dogs...onto the next site...Meow!  The camping area is a small circle so we could still hear him every once in awhile.
 "Please sir.  Can I have some more?"
About a half hour later while we were outside with our cats, he showed back up.  Giving us a pitiful meow and looking half starved.  Of course, his begging worked.  We fed him for the next few days.  We found out that he could put a lot of food away and still act hungry.  He was not happy to see us go, but we are sure he will talk another camper with a soft heart into helping him out.
Back to sea and sun!  We are staying on Mayport NAS.  This view is only a five minute walk from our site.  I love it!  I have walked barefoot on this beach everyday since we have arrived.  We are expecting some thunderstorms this weekend so I am taking advantage of the sunny days with walks and sitting outside with the cats.  I'm not getting a whole lot of sewing done right now.  Maybe while it is raining?
Happy Quilting!

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