Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Furry Theme (Mayport NS, FL)

I am going to miss my walks on the beach here.  Our stay here at Mayport Naval Station FamCamp has been great.  Even the threat of rain in the afternoons has not bothered me.  Usually, the thunderstorms do not make it to this area because of the air pressure from the ocean so we often hear the thunder and can see the clouds hanging over Jacksonville.  You can bet I keep an eye on the clouds while walking on the beach.
I love watching these birds.  A friend calls them Groucho Marx and they do look like him!  All they need to do is wag their eyebrows while wiggling their
 But watching what they do....well, that reminds me of the Three Stooges....
look Moe!  I got a fish!
yea?  well, give me some!  NO! Yuk! Yuk!
hey!  I want some....whoop! whoop! whoop!
Now, here's a view I don't see very often except on this beach.  It is strange to look up from watching where I am walking to seeing a ship pass by people on the beach on its way to Jacksonville's port.  We did not see a single Navy ship pass by this time.  Maybe next time.
We have been helping out the feral cats with food and water.  Most are skittish, but a few have been friendly.
This little gal is scared of us and the other cats.  Often running away if another cat goes near him.  I have been making extra sure she has been getting her fair share of food.  She is so tiny compared to all the others and it looks like she has been getting beat up quite a bit.  She tends to look a little frazzled for a cat...
Mugsy? or Fuzzy?
Murder, She Barked by Krista Davis

Corny sounding, I know!  And it sounded even worse when I read the description of the story's location of the pet lodge being on Wagtail Mountain.  BUT, I love the whole theme.  What pet lover wouldn't?  It was funny and an easy read that had me laughing and missing our first dog so much.  Krista has a great gift for describing a dog's antics and attitudes.  The whole town has gone fur crazy by catering to pets and their owners.  They even have a 'Yappy Hour'.  Where all can socialize, walk paths, stop for a meal, or shop.

The town looks quaint and calm to the visitor, but under the calm surface there have been some strange robberies, car theft, and a murder.  In the center of all this fur-flying mystery is Holly Miller, who has recently been adopted by a very smart Jack Russell Terrier and a very cute kitten named Twinkletoes (no, the animals do not talk).  She has recently lost her job and is returning to Wagtail Mountain after receiving an emergency call that her grandmother (Oma) was not doing very well.  Fearing the worse, she drops everything, borrows her boyfriend's car and drives all night through a thunderstorm to be by her Oma's side.

Holly plans to help out, temporarily of course, until Oma recovers.  Oma owns and manages the Sugar Maple Inn - a popular pet spa and hotel for both the pets and their owners.  I would love to go there!  The rooms sound like furbaby heaven and talk about being pampered!  What pet would want to leave after being fed gourmet meals, receiving welcome baskets filled with enticing toys and treats, sleeping in the best beds, and enjoying great pet walks.  Even the cats have it made with cat walks inside their rooms and bird aviaries setup outside their balconies with pet doors.  Now, that's a cat's Meow!

This book had me from the first chapter and right up to the end.  I'm happy to say that Krista has already published a second book that I plan to start reading soon.
 The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer - I love this title!  I can't wait to see what the next one will be called.

On The Cutting Board
I finished all of the mug rugs!  Yep, including all 14 snowmen!
 I'm getting them ready in two-by-two packages for a customer's request.
The rest will be listed on Etsy.
One last sunrise before we go.....
Travel day tomorrow (Friday).  We are moving to central Florida near Orlando.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Lovely photos! Those cats are dear...the little frazzled one...oh dear: I'm glad you were looking out for her! The books sound great too...always love a good recommendation!

    Your mug rugs are adorbs!

    Popping over from the EBT...

  2. Thank you Melissa! Looks like you are a big cat fan too. Your cat drawing is perfect for this posting.

  3. So funny, the Three Stooges! Poor little cats...good thing there's kind people like you around to care for them. Love the snowmen and what a beautiful sunrise. Happy travels! X


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