Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas! (Lakehills, TX)

I hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends.
Old Elf looks pretty good for being over 50!
We enjoyed a quiet day by ourselves. The weather was warm enough to sit outside for awhile with our cats before we had our Christmas meal.  
Max pretending to be an angel..hmmm
We spent one day visiting Fredericksburg last week.  We have been there several times and I never get tired of walking around the downtown area.  Here a some photos I took:
City park is decorated for the season
I had a tall Christmas Pyramid.   I believe I had five tiers.  It was hard to put together and even harder to get the wheel spinning.  If the candles were too short, there wasn't enough heat to spin the wheel.  I can't imagine lighting candles for this one!  It's a good thing this one is electric!
Isn't it beautiful?  So much detail!  I would like to see them putting this one together...

I don't recall seeing this jolly fella before.  I just had to take his picture.  He looks like he is having a lot of fun.
Look at that smile...  Loooove the earrings...LOL!
I will never tire of looking at local architecture.  Someone once mentioned on TV it is like living in art.  Watching House Hunters, it is funny to see one house appeal while another repels them.  Our homes are a great way to express ourselves.  Maybe that is why I am so fascinated by the bridges and buildings that I have seen all over the world.  The influence from our forefathers' backgrounds and the materials that were available for each location can be quite interesting.
I would love to hear the story behind this building with the elephant.  
Maybe it started out as an import shop before it became a gallery.
Walking down the main street, we kept seeing this steeple a couple of blocks away.  The steeple looks so majestic that the church must be quite a sight to see.  Is it just me or does the church seem small and simple in comparison to its steeple?  The steeple certainly does a good job of attracting people to the church!
Below are a few more photos of sights that caught my eye as we walked down the street...
need a hat?
Tree carved in front of the Public Library

I love the colors and the bench design
We also went to Trade Days that is just a few miles away for Fredericksburg.  I'll wait for the next posting to show you what I found interesting there!

On The Cutting Board
Or not... :(
I know quite a few of my friends are Downton Abbey fans, so I wanted to share an English Manor Mystery Quilt Along that is starting with the new season in January. 
Downton Abbey - Season 4 - The Crawley daughters all wearing 1920s style dresses
I wish I did not have so many projects right now, not to mention, that my fabric bins are overflowing.  I really need to get some quilts made soon.  
Is this you? It's me!
Anyway, if it wasn't for those two obstacles, I would have signed up last week.  I really like the idea of working on a related block while watching Downton Abbey.  If you sign-up for this, I would Love to see your blocks and the finished quilt!  I bet it will look as romantic as some of the ladies' dresses.

Speaking of quilting, I do believe I hear some fabric calling my name.  Time to do a little sewing.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  2. Great pictures and I like the one of Max posing best. Happy sewing!

  3. The Christmas Pyramid is awesome! I love to see the city parks all decked out with holiday decorations like that.
    I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  4. Yep! Little church....BIG steeple! I love the guy with the guitar.
    Happy New Year! Now get busy on those quilts.


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