Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Better Late (Whitney, TX)

Than never...right?  Late on posting...Late on wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you were able to spend time with your love ones.  Since we traveled the day before, we spent a quiet day at home and had a couple of our favorite dishes.  No big spread this year with just the two of us.  I rather enjoyed the change of pace.  The only turkey I prepped this year were the two below for my shop.  
The WiFi has been very weak here.  We are in Whitney, TX until 17 December.  Hopefully, the new location will have a stronger signal and I can do a better job of posting my blog.

In between sewing, I have been doing a lot of reading.  This one is a quilt theme cozy mystery:
Motif for Murder by Karen Lowe
This story addresses women living in abusive situations more than it does about Browen's quilt detective work.  There is an old quilt along with a past and present mystery, but for most of the story, Browen is busy trying to help and support several abused women while the local community seems to close their eyes to the situation.

In between helping others, Browen has been asked to help with the opening of the new art museum in the renovated old mill.  Reading about the history of sheep farmers, spinners, and weavers in the little Welsh town really kept my interest.  That and Browen fiber art quilt portraying fairies dancing in the woods from an old Welsh story.  The ending wasn't too much of a surprise, but the reading was pleasant and left me feeling good.  It would probably be nice if the world was filled with more gutsy Browens around.

Before the cold front came through, we were getting the cats outside every day.  Hitch shows his approval of our new location by running up and down the motorhome.  "Time to go outside!  See all this energy I have?"  He is wearing a trail into our wood floors with all the running back and forth.  He rarely shows that much enthusiasm.  This one is perfect for him.  I can hear him counting off the good points: trees to climb, bushes to explore, campgrounds to snoop, and dirt roads to walk along with no traffic.
Hitch enjoys his new chin scratching place
Can I take this with us?
We haven't been out exploring too much due to the colder weather.  We did drive to the east side DFW a couple of days ago, but I did not take my camera.  It was such a dreary day with icy cold wind!  Brrr!  So, I took some photos of the fall colors that I have been enjoying around our site.

On The Cutting Board
We have been spending time at the park's community center, so I have been able to load up all my new photos for Etsy.  I have 21 new items to list.  I just need to do a little tweaking here and there in the listings and I will be ready to open my shop for business again.  Here's a sneak peak of my new items.

I have been missing my southwest style garden since our return to Texas.  I decided to design a trailer with a southwest theme by embroidering a Pueblo ladder, a flowering barrel cactus, and an ocotillo cactus.  I plan to add morning glories to the ladder just like I had in my own garden.  I'm enjoying this so much that I have already cut out three more SW theme trailers so I can make more desert gardens.
I also put together two more Santas from Nancy Halvorsen's pattern.
Actually, I have a whole pile of more mug rugs to embroider and sew together, so I better get back to them!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Sounds like you've been keeping cosy and warm inside and enjoying your reading and sewing. You certainly have lots of lovely items to list on your shop! X

  2. I love the 3 turkeys quilt. You certainly do a good job of creating while on the road. Where do you stash all your stuff?


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