Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Month For Celebrating! (Patagonia, AZ)

Gambels Quail
Yesterday was my birthday.  56 years and still ticking.  That's always a plus, right?  My health is good.  As a matter of fact, I feel better now then I did 10 years ago thanks to changing my eating habits to more healthier choices.  My weight? - could get rid of a few pounds.  Too much sitting in front of this darn laptop.  My mind...hmmm, well I do have my senior moments, but overall it is still functioning.  I'm sure Dan is always happy to hear that I still recognize him.
To celebrate my birthday, Dan drove me to Tucson so I could do some shopping.  I just had two stores on my list:  Trader Joe's and JoAnns, but I took my time with my shopping.  Funny how browsing through a store can be so relaxing even during the holiday season.  After I finished shopping and having my birthday lunch, we finished up with our normal grocery shopping.  By the time we got home, it was dark with our car loaded down with lots of goodies.  Who needs Santa when you get to go shopping for yourself.  Sigh!  It was a great way to celebrate and I enjoyed every minute.  Thank you Dan!

Since this is a month do a lot of celebrating, I thought I would have a 25% off sale on all my Etsy quilts.  The sale will end on December 25.  All my quilts are well made and very durable.  I know because I use them myself.  Well, not the ones I have for sale, but I have used and still have many of my handmade quilts.  My quilts are washed in the machine and last for many years.

I believe all quilts need a loving home - to be cuddled and to give comfort.
Black Lotus Lap Quilt  $56.25
Black Lotus Lap Quilt

There are more photos in my Etsy shop along with descriptions and sizes.
Purple Lotus Lap Quilt $37.50
Purple Lotus Lap Quilt

Star Baby Crib Quilt $56.25
Star Baby Crib Quilt

Southwestern Kokopeli Lap Quilt $146.25
Southwestern Kokopeli Lap Quilt OOAK

Blue Baby's Choice Crib Quilt $71.25
Blue Baby's Choice Crib Quilt

Pink Baby's Choice Crib Quilt $71.25
Pink Baby's Choice Crib Quilt

Art Nouveau Quilt $142.50

Baby's Toys Crib Quilt  $56.25
Baby's Toys Crib Quilt

Happy Quilting!


  1. A very happy birthday to you! Sounds like you had a fun day. Those prices wouldn't pay for the materials here in Japan and I know the hours must add up too.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Oh what a nice present from your husband - shopping:) Sounds like you had a great day. And giving us a sale - you are certainly in the spirit!

  3. Happy birthday! Glad you had a lovely day! Sorry I haven't popped by for a while. life just seems to be getting busier and busier at the moment and I feel like I've been neglecting my blog friends. Wow! what beautiful quilts you have in your sale and such good value. All the work you've put into them. If I wasn't a quilter I would be very tempted. Maggie xx


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