Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Cat's Greeting (Patagonia, AZ)

Our son, Shaun visited us for a second time this year during his Christmas break.  We kept it very low key just enjoying each others company.  Even the cats were happy to see him again...well, except for Hitch.  He is a little anti-social unless you have something he wants.  He did let Shaun walk him around on the leash for a little while.
Squirrel looking for attention or some food.
He's happy with both.
I managed to capture some great moments between our cats and Shaun.
Dusty comes running when Shaun calls his name.
Pet my head
Yep, that's the spot
Mad Max loves to greet all of us in his own way.
Okay, hold your hand right there
Perfect!  I can reach your hand
Okay, a little harder
Oh yea, right down my back
keep going..
Right to my tail!  purrr
I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday with family and friends.

On The Cutting Board
I found some time to finish the binding on my scrappy squared quilt.  Hmm, I should find a better name for this one.


  1. I love the way Max stands up to get petted! I'm sure you enjoyed your visit with Shaun!
    I just read your review on The Giving Quilt -- I'm reading it right now. I always enjoy her books, especially the historical ones. She has another one coming out in January -- yahoo!

  2. I'm glad he wasn't greeted by that really big cat! Think of the captions you could put on that! Family tome is just the best.

  3. LOL! When I read the title, I thought you might be talking about the mountain lion roaming around you all lately. Happy to see that it was the little mini 'lions' instead! :)
    Wonderful photos, adorable cats!

  4. Love the photos of the cats. Hmmm, they wouldn't be spoiled would they? Oh well, why have them if you can't spoil them? That's what I always say.

    Love the quilt. The colors are so vibrant. It will add a great splash to any room you place it.


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