Thursday, March 17, 2011


This winter weather has been perfect for me to get back into my quilting.  I have spent a lot of hours outdoors with kitties just quilting away the gorgeous days. The salty air, the vibrant colors, and the cry of Ospreys overhead.....Sigh! I am really going to miss Key West. I hope we can come back here someday.

I had started this top in September.  The top took only a couple of days to sew together.  I decided to appliqué 'BABY' and crooked stars to the top using freezer paper.  I did not leave the paper on since I ironed it to the right side of the fabric.  This time I marked the fabric with a water soluble pen, pulled off the paper, and used the turn-under as you sew method.  I used bright bold colors so a baby can see them.

The appliqué is done and the top is a wrinkled mess!  Time to iron!
All done.  I used the meandering quilting.  The binding is made from the same bold material I used for the stars and BABY.

I just had to show you the perfect t-shirt I found at the Navy Exchange.  I had just washed it so it is a little wet.
Oh, you can't see it?  Here's a close-up!
I have my sweatshirt saying "Life is Simple:  EAT, SLEEP, QUILT" for cold days and now - I have a t-shirt with a one white sock orange kitty saying "Life is Good".  Oh yea!  (break out into song) And these are a few of my favorite things!


  1. That quilt is too cute. I would be scared to applique over such pretty piecing! And I love the kitty shirt!!

  2. Thanks Quiltncat! I have been doing applique for quite a while. I wanted to applique outside the block and I find I enjoy the results more than an appliqued block. Kitty shirt was a good find and has been added to the Cat Collection! Sandy


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