Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, Newport, OR

We are in Newport, OR at the Whalers Rest Campground. We are only a short walk through the woods and across Hwy. 101 to the beach. We are still getting a lot of rain, but every once in a while the clouds let the sun shine through for a couple of hours.

We have been visiting all the sights: Otter Crest Loop and Look-out Gift shop, both of the lighthouses, and the historic downtown areas. And yes, I did find the local quilt shop: Quilter’s Cove. This is the first quilt shop that I have visited with large floor to ceiling windows. It was so nice to browse the fabrics with natural daylight. It felt so warm and open – almost like home. I believe I met the owner. She is very nice and very helpful. She had a long-arm in the back corner. Customers can see the work she is doing at that time. I found it interesting to see the long-arm. I have never seen one before – well, except in magazines.
We toured the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and I took picture of the rooms. I have more in our Oregon album in Webshots. I found this quilt the most interesting and I wanted to share these quilt pictures with you. I looked up the history about the house’s living quarters and it sounds like the house was furnished with donations. The lighthouse was only commissioned to work for 3 years after the Yaquina Head Lighthouse was built. It was closed down for over 10 years before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Coast Guards started using the living quarters again. The local Historic Societies saved the lighthouse from being torn down and renovated the lighthouse. So, I don’t think this quilt was originally with the house.

Needlepoint covered foot peddles.

Here is the appliquéd folkart quilt.  I love hand-stitched appliqué! I wish I could have taken better pictures, but the room is roped off.  If you can blow up the picture, you will see ostriches, rooster, a seal or sea lion, a black red-winged bird, and much more.  Beautiful!


  1. Thanks for posting the pics of the lighthouse! My family have a history with them... my brother and his family were "Lighthouse Keepers" for many years, but sadly all of those lights went automatic and there was no need for the Keepers. The houses my brother lived in were nothing like your picture - and he had to furnish them himself .. every time he moved!
    Needless to say, he learned to travel light!! The quilt looks so beautiful, thanks again for taking us on your little tour!!

    Happy Sewing!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. That must have been interesting to live in the lighthouses. Talk about a view! Sandy


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