Monday, May 10, 2010

A Little Hand Quilting, A Little Appliqué

I love the way the mosaic worked out on my water lilies.
I should have made smaller pieces for the fish.  I'm having a hard time keeping the bigger pieces from getting puffy.  Of course, it doesn't help when Max lies under the quilt while I am appliquéing.  I try to use him as a table, but he tends to rollover just as I have it in the perfect spot.

I plan to add some ginkgo leaves floating in the water.  I am also thinking of adding some bamboo stems with a shadow effect if I can find a way to add organza by hand.  I want to do all of this by hand if I can.
I love working with my hands, but it is very slow compared to using a machine. So far, I have finished one block and a few borders done.  The blue is chalk.  I hope this washes out!  I went back to using stencils and a washable ink marker after I finished this block.

I decided to try some free-form fill on this block.  It has been fun, but it is taking a while to finish it.

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