Monday, February 26, 2018

First Snowfall (Sutherlin, OR)

Two weeks ago I thought Spring was on its way with the flowers popping up and my allergies suddenly going out of control.
Our days were sunny and the temperatures were starting to rise.
Max soaking up the sun.
Then Winter decided it wasn't quite ready to leave us with a mild winter.  
We are finally getting much needed rain and snow.  
 Well, the snow isn't lasting, but it is nice to see it change the landscape around us for a short time.
The cats have not been too happy with the change in weather, but I'm sure this cold front will not last long.  It would be nice to have more rain before summer gets here.
Hitch is tired from being up all night.
Dan's foot is healing and he is back to walking on his own two feet without support.  Below is Dan's  itinerary for this year's travel plans:

  We have rough plans for the coming year. We will stay in the Sutherlin OR until 26 March for medical and dental appointments, then buy eight new motorhome tires locally (no sales tax in Oregon), and add one more 180 watt solar panel in Springfield OR.
  Weather over the Cascade passes permitting, we will move over to Bend OR on the east side of the Cascade mountains for a month or two.
  After that we will drift south through Nevada on back roads, into AZ spending around one month in Benson AZ near Tucson.
  After that into New Mexico to Texas. Several months in various places in east TX and motorhome work in Nacogdoches TX where our motorhome was built.
  After that towards FL, staying at several military bases in FL, perhaps Disney or Thousand Trails parks, and eventually to Key West FL for fall and winter.
  While this is somewhat backwards by moving towards hot weather for the summer months, it also puts us into low season in campgrounds for less crowding and more space/availability.

On The Cutting Board
While Dan was on crutches and space being limited in our motorhome, I decided to try sewing in our bedroom instead of using my 6x3 foot folding table in the living room which left no space for Dan to move around.  He had a hard enough time moving around without me hogging all the space.
There is no place to sit, but I do have a desk with enough floor space for my foot pedal and for me to turn around to the bed.  The desk has enough room for the sewing machine and the small cutting board if I am doing paper foundations.  The bed makes for an excellent place to lay out my quilt blocks... long as the cats are not spread out across while sleeping.  The desk with the sewing machine is the perfect height for me to stand and sew.  I'm actually enjoying my new setup and the standing is easier on my back and neck.  I can move quickly from sewing to ironing in the kitchen.  Plus, I can leave my sewing sitting out while I eat lunch or take cats outside without worrying that my stuff is in Dan's way.

So, what have I been working on?  I have finished four quilt tops.  They are waiting to be appliquéd. For now, I'll show you my most recent project and will wait to show the others after they are appliquéd.  I found a cute baby pattern called Zoey's Quilt in one of my old Quiltmaker magazines.  I like it so much that I decided to make two of them.
Quiltmaker's All-Time Favorites Winter 2005 Zoey's Quilt
I thought this pattern would be perfect for the leftover fabrics I used in Sweet Pea's Garden quilt since the pattern has an appliquéd sweet pea vine growing up the side.  The appliqué will be a big project between the long vine with the leaves and sweet peas, not to mention, I will be doing this appliqué design twice.
Below is a photo of the first top.  In the second quilt, I will replace the dark blue sashings with dark pink and the yellow borders with aqua blue (in photo above).
 I also liked the way the top and side borders are wider than the other two borders.  It looks lopsided now, but when the vine is added it will be very cute.  

 I have also been working on more mug rugs for my Etsy shop.  I have not listed them yet since I am still working on the photos.
It has been a quiet month, but very productive for me and a well deserved rest for Dan.  Time for some more sewing!  
Happy Quilting!


  1. My mind was going in the same place as I read your plans....isn't that the hot season? I get it, though, as long as you have good air, it might be smart because of the low season, but I am not necessarily willing to try it. I love Oregon in the summer till the fires come.

    1. We have done it before - moving in the opposite direction which is why we stayed in OR this winter. I love OR during the summer and would love to spend time on the coast, but we are not up for the crowds this year. It is time to see a different part of the US.

  2. I love the way you find creative solutions for every problem. Glad to hear Dan is back on his feet.

  3. you now had your first snow! we've had snow here since December.. though only once did we have to bring out the snow blower.. most time it was very manageable.


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