Saturday, September 23, 2017

Better Weather (Sutherlin, OR)

It rained quite a bit last week.  I'm happy to say the smoke has cleared out.  I'm hoping the rain continues over the wildfires and helps in putting them out.   The Timber Valley SKP is starting to look a little empty with so many of the people already heading south for the winter. 
Blue sky!
Dan has been busy with a large checklist that includes working on the motorhome, VA appointments, and dentist appointments.  While he checks things off his list, I have  been staying busy with a few different things.  I'm spending more time outdoors.  Rain or shine, I'm getting in my walks.
Turkeys for neighbors
The cats seem to like our new site.  Which is good because we are here for two months.  They get plenty of entertainment from the wildlife running around our rig.  Dusty and Hitch were having a stare down with a doe yesterday.  I thought I was going to be the one to break up this little stare-down when the doe was startled by a loud noise.  I think the cats high-fived each other and smirked, "yea! we showed her!" 😃
Dusty wore himself out
Max in the meantime, just loves rolling around on the cement pad and soaking up the sun.
Well, no slacking off for me!  I'm on a roll with quilts this month.
On The Cutting Board
After I agreed to sell two of the baby quilts just from posting them in FaceBook, I received a request for another baby quilt.  I'm almost done with it. 
A is for Apples and Ants - yes, a green ant
The customer wanted one with ABCs as the theme because the baby's mom is a teacher.  I just happened to have some ABC fabric.  Do you see the quilt block in the fabric above the bear's head?  Q is for quilts!  My kind for fabric!
B is for Bears and Balloons
I had a lot of fun embellishing this one.  I used crayons, embroidery thread, and permanent fabric ink.
C is for Clouds and Cars
One more photo taken a couple of days ago while getting it setup for pinning.
Well, I better get back to my ABCs!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Great idea for the quilt. I will have to take notes.
    I hear the rain came with lightening and though it helped with some of the fires, it started a few more. I think the air is finally clearer in the Portland area.

  2. Your quilts are such bright, cheerful colors!

  3. I'm loving that quilt. Great idea as a teacher/mom gift. It came out quite nice. I love the photos you shared of the cats. Especially that close up! It made me smile.


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