Saturday, April 22, 2017

Good-Bye To An Old Friend (Lathrop State Park, CO)

We had to say good-bye to our oldest cat - Squirrel.  He wasn't doing too well this last year.
Squirrel 1999 -2017
As a matter of fact, it was this time last year in almost the same location that we started noticing the changes.  He wasn't ready to give up the fight to live though.  He was always a fighter.  He fought to move into our home by running away from our next door neighbor's house several times until we asked to keep him.  He knew what he wanted and there usually was no compromise once he made up his mind by telling us he wanted it 'Now Mister!'.  He argued with us every day to go outside and explore the area whether it was rain or shine.  He never allowed us to close the blinds because he needed to see outside at all times.  Despite his arthritic hips, he would still chase after birds or one of the other cats.
riding with Dusty through Wyoming to Montana 2016
Last week, we saw the fight leave Squirrel.  He was tired and ready to go.  I wasn't ready to say good-bye, but I knew he needed to rest.  I hope he is enjoying his new home chasing butterflies in catnip fields.   I will miss our little fighter.
Tomorrow is a travel day.  We spent four days in Lathrop State Park, CO while waiting for the latest cold front to move away from our northern route through Wyoming.  While we waited, we spent quality time with our cats especially with Max.  He was Squirrel's shadow from the moment Max joined our family.  Squirrel wasn't too thrilled with the little punk, but he tolerated him....most of the time.  :)
If the mountains look familiar, it is because I posted different pictures of them last year when we stayed for two nights to give us all a break from our long travels from Florida.
View from our dining room
We walked around one of the park's trails yesterday.  We didn't not see any wildlife, but the views were fantastic.
I am happy to see snow-capped mountains again.  The cold weather....I would have been happy to miss until next winter.  I'm sure it will start warming up soon.
I haven't been sewing as much lately.  I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for the moment.  The Black Cat quilt sold as soon as I let the interested customer know it was ready.  She sounded quite happy with the quilt.
Maybe I will find my muse again along the highway going north.  With all the scenic views, how can I not find it again?
Hugs to all


  1. So sorry for your loss of Squirrel. I know the pain. I hope you get your sewing-legs back soon!

    1. Thank you Ann, I'm sure that I will find them soon once the pain dulls.

  2. Oh, I am so very sorry. I've been reading your blog for years and have become attached to your beautiful cats. I am so sad for you. Its so hard to lose a precious pet. Give the others a tighter squeeze. Take care!

  3. Hi Sandy, so sorry to hear about Squirrel, a dear old friend. I know it doesn't alleviate the sadness of losing him but he was a good age and born the same year as my Max who is now 18. You had beautiful views from your dining room. I hope you get your sewing mojo back soon. I know I wouldn't feel like sewing if I'd just lost a beloved pet. I also think it goes like that sometimes...maybe we just need a little break to recharge our enthusiasm. We're off to catch the ferry today....back to France for 7 weeks. Take care and happy travels. X

  4. So sorry for your loss. Family members whether two or four legged are very valued. Hugs!


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