Sunday, January 22, 2017

Visit to Fredericksburg (Columbus, TX)

The following photos are from December when our son was visiting us during his holiday vacation.  We wanted him to see our favorite German town in Texas.
We have visited Fredericksburg often over the years.  I have taken and posted a lot of photos of this town, so this time I decided to focus my lens on smaller unusual things that caught my eye.
Except for photos of the two story Christmas Pyramid which is my favorite German Christmas decoration.  

Looks like this truck is loaded and ready for Christmas!
This is the first time we have noticed this little courtyard.
Walking into the courtyard, I felt like we had returned to Europe...
..with statues, water fountains, and little shoppes.

Back out on the street - a bicycle ready for the holidays.  Notice the plant is still alive and green.  The weather has been crazy with a couple of warms days followed by close, if not below, freezing temps at night.  Apparently, it has been warm enough to keep this plant blooming.  I'm certainly happy that we decided to stay in Texas instead of returning to Oregon for the winter.
I found this Gallery's sign to be very unique.
The two steeples belong to St. Mary's Catholic Church.  The old steeple is in front of the new steeple in the background.

I know this is getting a little just a few more street scenes, okay?

On The Cutting Board
I have been staying very busy.  I have been getting all sorts of new ideas from browsing the internet. (like I need more projects, right?)

I had to stop surfing the web, so I could finish my last custom order.  Thanks to this customer, I have received three more Happy Camper orders!  She did a shout out on "Glampers on the Loose" Facebook group.  I had joined the group after she had told me about some of the groups she followed.  I'm getting all sorts of new ideas from the photos they are posting!
I did manage to finish three more Happy Campers before the new orders came in.  I will try to list the ones below soon.

Back in November, I started working on a new baby quilt using a pattern from one of my old magazines.  I have used the fast sew and rotary cut method a few times over the years with no problems.  This one turned into a nightmare!  The measurements for the flying geese were so far off that the finished length was over an inch too wide.  I had already cut out all the pieces, thinking (or not thinking) that the pattern had been tested since it was published in a well-known quilt magazine.

After consulting the internet, trial and error on downsizing the flying geese, I finally got the correct size.  Very frustrating, but lesson learned - make one block BEFORE cutting up all the fabric.  I might  not be so lucky next time.  This time the measurements were too time they might be too small.
Well, I need to get back to the custom orders.  I also have a request in for another Black Cat in the Pink quilt!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Nice pictures. That red truck looks like it id delivering chickens... maybe to Japan for the year of the chicken.

  2. Oh how I've missed your blog posts! Again. LOL
    I love all the pictures, and I'm glad you decided to add just a few more of the street views. Great photos!
    And I enjoyed the spring time colors for the happy campers this go around. I'm looking forward to spring already.

  3. Wonderful pics of Fredricksburg. I have been by, but we did not spend much time there, as we were on our way to relatives house. Also lovely campers!! Sew creative!

  4. The campers are SO CUTE! Loved the pictures of the town. I am a sucker for old architecture like you see in Europe. Hugs.


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