Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trying To Get Caught UP (Monroe, WA)

We moved from Blaine to Monroe on Monday.  I am still trying to get caught up with all the photos I took while we were in La Conner and I still have the surrounding area of Blaine and Mt. Baker National Park to show you!

The following street photos are from Anacortes, WA.  I love the old fashioned clocks I saw while walking down the street.  This one was around the corner from the main street, but it still made quite a statement in its royal blue colors.
Of course, I had to add a photo of the many beautiful older buildings.
This cute little guy greets Gere-a-Deli customers at the door.  We did not eat there, but what I saw looked inviting to eat.

Now, this is what I call upcycling!  Instead of being a fire hydrant, it re-hydrates people and their dogs.
We took Shaun to Washington Park in Anacortes when he came up to visit us.  There is one road that loops around to different scenic views.  Some people walk, but on this day it was cold and a little dreary so we stayed with driving the loop.
This is a combination I do not see very often.  Large flowering gardens with a view of the Anacortes Marina.  You can barely see the mountains in the background.  What a view and such a relaxing walk to take after shopping at the Farmer's Market.
Not too far from Anacortes is the Deception Pass.  As a child, we crossed this bridge often to go visit family in the Seattle area while living in Oak Harbor.  I never grew tired of the view.
Being able to walk across the bridge is even better.  Well, as long as you do not have a problem with heights and traffic whizzing by.
I did not see any whales, but we did see one lone Seal fishing along the cliff sides.
I had to toss one in of Max enjoying the warm days of summer.  The weather was perfect for getting out for walks and exploring the area.
The cats, of course, wanted us to stay home so they could enjoy the sun as well. We did spend quite a bit of time just sitting outdoors while we were in Blaine, WA.  Between visiting with other full-timers and chasing wandering cats, I tried to get caught up on my reading, a little quilting, and......

On The Cutting Board
a little more embroidery work on my "A to Zzzz Snowman" blocks.  I'm up to "C"!  
Only 23 more letters to go.  Lucky for me, some of the letters are combined into one block, so I better get back to them!
Happy Quilting!


  1. I like revisiting those special places of my youth, though many have changed greatly. It seems in Tokyo, they pull down every historic iconic building to replace it with some modern thing that will itself be torn down in a few years.

  2. Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ann for the comment and for coming back!

  3. My absolutely favorite area. I loved living here!! I hope you hit the quilt shops in Anacortes. I think you'll like the ones in Lynden. Folktales is really wonderful.


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