Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Change of Plans (Key West, FL)

Last week, we decided to finish our move south to Key West.  We had planned to spend another 2 to 5 weeks in Central Florida while trying to wait out hurricane season.  Change of plans!  We will take our chances and hope for a calm season.
We spent one night in Midway State Park near Big Cypress and Everglades National Park.  We visited Big Cypress NP visitor's center.  I was more interested in the display of the Seminole's patchwork than in walking around outdoors.  I tried not to smear the glass while looking for the tiny stitches in the patchwork.  Beautiful handwork!
A Pin Doll for the Doll
The body of the dolls are made from palmetto fibers.  Here's a link that shows how the Seminoles make different things from palmetto leaves including dolls.  Scroll to the bottom to find Making Dolls.  My grandparents gave me one of these dolls when I was little.  It sat on my knick-knack shelf for many years.  I have no idea what happened to it.  I know I wish I still had it.
This dress was made in the 1920 - 1930s.  Both boys and girls wore this outfit.  The fabric looks very light and cool.  Very comfortable for the hot humid summer days in Florida.  Isn't the handwork amazing?
I did spend sometime outdoors with Dan watching the alligators swimming around.  This is the first time I have actually seen one swim.  They certainly give off a lazy carefree attitude with only their tail moving and legs hanging limp.  Gliding across the water barely making a ripple in the water...sneaking up on an unsuspected meal.  Most of the alligators ignored the people except for this one swam straight up to us and stopped.  I got the feeling that he was sizing us up for lunch.  I'm glad there was a fence between us.
Red Shouldered Hawk
This hawk was our only neighbor in the state park.  He is sitting on top of a pole holding Purple Martin's houses.  I think he is in for a long wait since the owners are vacationing up north right now.
I got very excited when we started on the last stretch of our journey down U.S. 1 South!
Oh yea!  It is beginning to look a lot like the Florida Keys.
Key West!
After several hours of heavy traffic, slow speeds, and a couple of stops - including getting the car's tire patched from a nail.  It is a good thing Dan found the nail the night before while we were in the state park.  The tire was leaking air and it would have been deflated by the time we started across the Overseas Highway.  Finding pullovers big enough for our 38 ft rig plus a car are few along the way.  We would have had some major damage if the tire had gone flat while we were towing it.  We made it safely to Sigsbee NAS without any more incidents if we don't count some of the crazy drivers.  ;)

On The Cutting Board
I finished two more quilts.  Binding done.  I need to pre-wash them before listing them.  The photos are a little hazy due to heat and humidity fogging up my lens.
Balloons and Trains
The Black Cat in Pink quilt is my favorite this time.  The pattern was quick, easy, and fun to make.
I had a little bit of the binding fabric leftover to make into a big bow for the Black Cat.  Now, he is styling!
Well, I need to go through my ever growing pile of UFOs to see what to work on next.  I should finish some more mug rugs or wall hangings or...gosh...there are so many and so little time.  eh!  Maybe, I'll think about it tomorrow and take tonight off...go out and watch the sunset....
Happy Quilting!


  1. Ahh, have fun at Sigsbee! The lovely smell of all those running generators. We actually loved it there, but just for a week. and it was in the late winter, not mid summer!

  2. I hope the weather cooperates for your stay. Congratulations on the finishes. I think you deserve a break.


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