Saturday, July 4, 2015

All Legs and Neck (Clermont, FL)

I hope everyone is having a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend!  They certainly are having a great time here with outdoor activities, bounce houses with a pool, and barbecues.  The campground is booming with activities and families.  Tonight, they plan to gather along the lake to watch Disney's fireworks display.

We moved back to Clermont, FL near Orlando on Wednesday.  We passed the rest of our time in Wauchula with walks and celebrating our 40th anniversary with my brother Jay and his wife Beverly.  We had a wonderful surprise visit with them.
Today, I thought I would just share some pictures with a different view of Sandhill Cranes. Since moving back to Clermont, the Cranes have visited our site at least once a day.
I took this opportunity to get photos of them using my 500mm lens from ground level.
I love the way they look - like they are made of nothing but legs, knobby knees, and a long neck.
They did not mind me taking their pictures.  They actually started moving closer at one point....until one male started giving his intruder alert.
  I thought he was upset with discovering me sitting on the ground, but when I put down my camera I realized he was alerting on one of our cats.  Squirrel was less than 15 feet away and trying to sneak up on the birds when I grabbed his leash.  Silly cat!  The Cranes walked away unconcerned by being attacked by a puny cat.  I think I was more worried.
I had enough photos so I brought out Hitch for some outdoor time.  He soon discovered that the Cranes had not moved on like I had thought.  He was a little smarter about not wanting to get too close.  Of course, my tight hold on his leash might have kept him from making that decision too.
I have been finishing up quite a few quilts and I hope to have photos to share soon.  I'm happy to be back in a populated area.  I need to get a little shopping done before we move farther south.  I just used up the last of my batting and I have quite a few more scrappy quilt tops planned for this winter.  There is no Joann Fabrics in Key West so I need to do a little pre-planning and stock up on batting and backings.
Well, I want to get back to my quilting so until next time....
Happy Quilting!


  1. I love those close up crane pictures. I am surprised how calm they are with people and cats around. Happy shopping!

  2. I love sandhill cranes. We get them around the condo in Florida sometimes. Last year I found two fabulous pen and ink drawings of sandhills at a gallery in Spring Green, Wisconsin. The artist is Kim Russell. We splurged on them and hung them up in Florida. Just seemed right. I'll have to look up Clermont on the map.

  3. I love your photos of the Sandhill Cranes. . . . they are so colorful and interesting to look at. I had no idea they could be so calm and friendly!
    Looking forward to seeing your latest quilting photos too!
    Warm Regards, Lisa in Oregon


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