Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Window Shopping Disney Style (Clermont, FL)

We entertained ourselves by visiting different shopping malls in the area and Downtown Disney.  
Talk about lots of photo ops for colorful pictures in Downtown Disney.  I took more photos than I did shopping, but shopping was fun too.
Downtown Disney is as grand as going to Disney World.  They even have a couple of different rides.
I like the Amphicars.  That looks like a fun ride and it goes my speed...extra slow.
They also have a balloon ride.  The basket is a ring so you can look straight down through the center. I bet the best scenes are the surrounding areas.  Talk about a panoramic view!
Did you play with Legos when you were little or with your kids?  I loved them while growing up....yes, they have been around for a couple of age jokes please.  Anyway,  I would also buy them every year for our kids.  They had a huge bin filled with them.  I can't imagine how many Legos went into this big guy.
Isn't he adorable?
Brickley, the Lego Sea Serpent
Okay, so I was curious enough to do a Google search and found out that there are 170,000 bricks and he stretches 30 feet from head to tail.  This site has photos of some amazing Lego designs with interesting facts about each one.  Make sure you check out #2 Warren Elsmore - gorgeous European style building. And #8 A Futuristic Japan made by school children using 1.8 million Lego blocks!

I love my TV shows in the evenings.  I really enjoy the ones with a little imagination like the ones J.J. Abrams produces - LOST, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, and many more.  So when I saw these two scuptures peeking out from the bushes near the Crossroads at House of Blues, I thought of "BAD ROBOT"!  He could be a cousin...
I love this fountain so I had to add it in.  I don't know a thing about the winged statue, but overall, she is quite interesting.

On The Cutting Board
I finished two Santa Mug Rugs and I will list them in Etsy after we move tomorrow.  I already sold all three of my Uncle Sam Mug Rugs.  Maybe I should have made a few more?  I suppose I could make a couple of more...
but I have been busy with some new Happy Campers with horses.
I try to make each one unique so I decided to do this one in shades of purple.
I was going to add different flowers to this one.  I changed my mind while we were walking around one of the malls in Orlando.  One of the kiosks offered hair extensions and a young woman was trying on different styles.  Eureka!  I can do that with my horse!  I braided the first extension and tacked it down.  I think on the second one, I will leave it as a fringe - shorter than what is showing.  Hopefully, this is not too bulky because I want add a flower or star button behind the ear.
Tomorrow is a short travel day to Peace River Thousand Trails.  This will be a new location for us to explore in between sewing and cat outings...of course!
Happy Quilting!

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