Monday, March 9, 2015

A Buzzard's Day on the River (Columbus, TX)

The weather hasn't been the best since we arrived in Columbus.  I would say we have had maybe five good days for walks and cat outings.  
 The rest of the time, it has been very cold, heavy mist, or raining, so we have been stuck indoors except for trips to the grocery store and the Post Office.
We keep sending Dusty outside so he can see or feel for himself how bad the weather really is at the time.  He thinks we are doing it on purpose.  I wish we could switch the weather on and off.  Wouldn't that be nice?  ;)
  Dusty is driving us crazy!
During one of the few partly sunny days, the buzzards were taking advantage of the better weather across the river from us.  There must have been around 30 of them enjoying a day on the river.  Some were splashing in the water,
but most were just sitting on the sand bar.  Whenever the sun peeked out from the clouds, the buzzards would spread their wings facing towards the sun.  As soon as the sun disappeared, they would close their wings and wait for the next sunbeam.
Today, we are under Flash Flood Watch until 1 am Tuesday......and watch I am.  Having a river view is great during nice sunny weather.  Not so good when it has been raining all night.  Plus, we were hearing an air boat going up and down the river.  We were wondering at the time if they were checking the river's condition since they were going slow and seemed to be stopping a lot along the way.

We woke to heavy rain this morning and we have been watching the Colorado river rising slowly throughout the day.  This was the first photo I took this morning around 10 am when I can still see the sand bar at the point (just above & to the left of the sign).....
Around 1 pm, the rain is still coming down and the sand bar is gone...
 and the low land is slowly disappearing...
Still rising at 3 pm...
The campground office is keeping an eye on the river and they are in contact with the reservoir upriver from us.  We are about 20 feet above the river and they will let us know if we need to move.   Odd, we were dealing with heavy rains and flooding last year in Seaside, OR.  Maybe we should think about adding pontoons to the sides of our motorhome.  How do you think that would look?

On The Cutting Board
One good thing that has happened since we arrived here - I have made several trips to the Post Office to mail out orders.  The most recent order was very interesting for me.  The customer wanted a similar Happy Camper for her husband without the hearts and flowers.  We had some great conversations about our interests in camping as well.
After our conversations, I came up with this design with a cardinal and swirls of wind for hubby. 
 I love this design so much that I think I will do it again in different colors.
In the meantime, I have figured out a way to add dogs inside the doors of the next two trailers.
The dogs are designed by Laurel Furnell and I have been trying for sometime to add the begging dog
and the Dachshund.
I thought adding the bird looking down would make more sense of why the dog was wagging his tail and what he was look up to.
Well, I spent most of the day on the computer and watching the river rise.  Time to relax with a little sewing.
Happy Quilting!


  1. How nerve-wracking it is to watch the water rise! I really empathize with you on that. Years ago we lived near a large flood control water reservoir. It had never flooded in over it's 50 years, so I wasn't too worried when we moved there. Then, nature did what nature does sometimes. . . . a freak storm caused all of the vent grates in the surrounding roads to back up, and all the rain water went where it was supposed to go, into the flood control! But, it didn't stop there. We spent one full day watching the water level rise over the top of the flood control, to slowly swallow up all the land across the road from our house, to our road itself, to our front yard, then our garage and driveway. By night fall it reached the bottom step of our front porch. My late husband had spent the day sandbagging, so all we could do was wait. We couldn't sleep at all, but to our utter amazement, the water began to recede! At first light we couldn't believe our eyes; we could see our driveway again! I know we dodged a huge bullet, and it gave me such a great new respect for something I had never thought too much about until then.

    I love your latest Happy Camper mug rugs Sandy! The dachshund is adorable! And the turquoise and red is so pretty together.

    I'm sorry that Dusty is having trouble with "cabin fever", or "RV fever" I should say? He must really want you to push that magic weather button that you must hide from him! =^..^= Hang in there, Dusty!

    Warm Regards,
    Lisa in Oregon

  2. So sorry that you are having to deal with all that rain!! Hope it stops soon and the river stops rising.

    Love the latest Happy Camper mug rugs. They are really cute. I love the dogs and birds in them!

  3. Love your happy camper trailers! We used to live in Columbus; our oldest was born there. Loved that town, and I remember fondly floating down the Colorado River on lazy Sunday afternoons, but not when it was near flood stage! Enjoy your travels!

    1. Thank you Shari! I wish we could have spent more time exploring the area. I never got a chance to take a photo of the courthouse because of the overcast days. The best part of the river for us were the birds it attracted. I guess we will have to come back this way.

  4. Your new bird design is great and so are the doggies! It must be interesting but disconcerting watching that river rise. Thanks for sharing the photos of it changing. I've only even seen buzzards in a wildlife park. How amazing to see them in the wild. X


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