Sunday, November 9, 2014

Comments Rejected? (Tinker AFB, OK)

Do you leave comments in blogs?  Have you been receiving one of the Mail Delivery Failed like the one below?  I have been receiving quite a few from comments I leave in different blogs.  Another recent problem is the notices I use to receive from my blog for comments waiting moderation.  They were no longer showing up in my Inbox.  Now, I have to check the blog's comment section, so I decided to see if there was a way to change the settings.  I did a Google for "failure DMARC Yahoo" since I have a Yahoo mail account and I found this site explaining why our comments are no longer notifying the bloggers:   Could Yahoo! and AOL’s DMARC Policies Destroy Your Deliverability?   Apparently, Yahoo and AOL changed the settings for all their members to protect them.  The bad news is that we cannot changed the settings.  It looks like we are stuck with this new protective system whether we want it or not.  So, never fear, I am not rejecting your comments.  Sooner or later, I will publish and answer your comment!

We move to Lawton, OK tomorrow morning.  I look forward to visiting with our granddaughters and daughter.  It has been three years since our last visit.  The girls have changed so much since the last time we saw them.
The cats will probably be a little happier with our new location.  We have been to Ft. Sill a few times, so we know what waits for us.  

Talk about a noisy location  The cats beg to go outside and only last about 30 minutes before a barking dog or some other loud noise has them running for the door.  Poor guys.  They are not happy campers right now.  I'll be happy to leave too because this campground is very small and the spaces are tight.  Parking becomes a major event while the poor driver tries several times to maneuver a big rig around cars and other rigs setup close to the road.  Parking our car is a pain too.  As you can see, our neighbor's assigned parking spot is at our door step and our car is parked at the next neighbor's door.  It feels a little backwards.  We are practically on top of each other.  Thank goodness the neighbors are quiet and most respect each others' small spaces.  Needless to say, I don't think we will be back this way any time soon.

On The Cutting Board
I feel like my productivity is way up, but when I look at the photos below....well, it just doesn't look I have much to show for a 10-day stay here.  I'm almost done with this wall hanging.  I just need to finish the border and decide on how to hang it.
 I appliqued jumping rabbits to all four corners of this quilt top.  I hope to sandwich the top in the next two weeks.
I finished quilting all the mug rugs below.  I need to add buttons to the doors and my heart patch to the back.  This will give me ten new mug rugs to list.
Speaking of listing.  I haven't opened my shop yet.  I'm not sure if I will open early or wait until January.  I thought I would build up my inventory first.  It would be nice to open with at least two full pages of items.  

Okay!  I guess I better get back to the cutting board and see if I can get a few more stitches in before bedtime.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Sandy, I've been getting those message all the time it's very annoying. I know that when I've commented on your blog I always get one but I've been reassured that you've received them when you've replied. The thing that worries me is that no everyone probably checks their posts.
    That campsite sure looks you can't wait for some more space. Have a lovely time with your family. X

  2. I think your productivity definitely shows, Sandy! I'm not a Halloween person, but that wall hanging is super cute! Poor kitties... We just took out the young one for a walk in the harness for the first time yesterday :) he was so eager to go outside, and it was such a nice day, he enjoyed it a lot. Did you think about opening a gmail account instead of yahoo? Mine works fine with blogger. Just a thought! Looking forward to your upcoming adventures! :)

  3. Sandy, I too have a yahoo e-mail and I am getting those non-delivery notices. The thing is, I then went and checked and saw my comments were posted so I figured it was something I could just ignore. Comments do come to my in-box so that is not a problem. Just in case, I check my spam box before deleting.


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