Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Closing Date (Coffeyville, KS)

Coffeyville Amazon - Closing
Last Tuesday evening (Sept 30), Amazon officials told the Coffeyville employees with the Camper Force seasonal temps in a meeting that they will be closing this fulfillment center in February.  It was a sad night to watch the reactions of these hard working people.  Shocked silence.  Some crying while others tried to give comfort.  For Dan and I, it was a surprised shock.  Granted we are not in the main stream of rumors, but there was absolutely no hint that they were thinking of closing this center.
Some of the reasons given:  lack of manpower and low productivity.  Since Amazon started offering 2 day shipment, they want to have their centers closer to their customers.  They did this recently in Nevada.  It does make sense when they explained the time that they will save by not shipping items by trucks out to a small town with no city nearby.  The time spent to ship to the center for stocking, processing, then packed to be shipped right back to a city for distribution cost valuable time when we are talking about a 2 day shipping promise.  

I can see their point, but still, I feel real bad for the employees.  Amazon is offering different packages for leaving or re-locating with Amazon.  We have talked to a few of the employees and so far, they say they plan to stay here.  Some plan to go to college with their Amazon package while others are not sure what they will do.  Hopefully, it will work out for all of them.
For us - the Camper Force, we have our contracted jobs up  to 23 December.  Work will be normal until January when Amazon stops inbound shipments and slowly empties out the warehouse from orders until February.  Of course, Amazon's motto seems to be 'everything is subject to change' we shall see.

On The Cutting Board
I finished the embroidery on two more Happy Campers.  I have been working on other ones, but I haven't taken photos of them.
I have the hardest time with this grey fabric.  It is very light weight and never wants to lay flat.  I'm glad I'm almost out of it.  I need to look for a heavier weave next time.

I'm especially happy with my new window box.  It's fun filling the box with different flowers.  Yes, the heart is from the green trailer.  
Speaking of flowers....I can't get over all the flowers I have been seeing around here.  It is October, right?  I see butterflies floating around and birds singing.  The rose (photo above) is from our campground.  We have had a few rain storms and cold fronts come through, but for the most part - the weather has been gorgeous!  Warm sunny days with cool nights.  I suppose I am asking too much for it to stay like this for the rest of the time we are here.  Yea, I didn't think so.

In the meantime, we are sitting outside when we can with the cats.  I'm getting a little sewing done in between chasing exploring cats.  So far, Dusty has found one turtle and one non-poisonous snake.  Hmm, I wonder what will be next.  

Anyway, with some luck, I might finish a few more Happy Campers soon.
Happy Quilting!


  1. That's sad about the closure. I hope the employees find alternative work. What a pretty window box! X

  2. That's bad news for the employees. Even though the economy is improving, it's still tough to find another (or a first!) job. Good luck to everyone.

  3. So sad to see so many people lose their jobs in such hard times.

  4. What a bummer for the employees! I wonder why they set up such a big business in that remote spot to begin with.
    Enjoy your fall days!


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