Sunday, August 10, 2014

How High Is The Water, Momma? (Hot Springs, SD)

I barely got setup to sew a border onto this bunny quilt when the park's flood siren went off.  We thought that was a little strange since the sky had cleared up after a heavy rain/hail storm and the grounds was starting to dry out.  Campers were busy building fires and getting meals ready.  It was turning into a nice evening.
Dan called the ranger and soon the ranger was calling back to say that they would be evacuating low lying campsites!  Wow, really??  Apparently the rain had caused a flash flood from a connecting canyon and it was on its way to our area.  While Dan spread the news to start packing, I went out back to look at the stream behind our motorhome.
campers packing in a hurry
Well, the small stream was now a fast moving little river.  I never see the water from our site, but I could see it quite clearly at that moment!  The head ranger had all the campers and day use people out within a couple hours.  Some of the road was already covered in 6 inches of water and still rising.
fire pit is still smoking from the campers
We did not have to worry about moving since our site sits up high enough, but we did pack up our outside items just in case of more heavy rains.
20 ft below and behind our site
Gosh, this is the first time the campground has been so quiet!  We wandered around picking up some trash that was left behind and watched the water level.  Then I got that song by Johnny Cash stuck on repeat in my head - "How high is the water, Momma? Well, it's 5 feet high and risin'!"  Well, we did not have to worry about the water rising too much.  The photo below shows the highest point.  Not too bad for us or for the park.
road to wildlife area
They opened up the road gates this morning.  The day use area is back in business, but the campground only has one camper so it will be another quiet evening for us.  You know what?....I think I'll get that border done tonight.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh my goodness. All that water. At least you didn't have to move! We had a similar experience a couple of years ago. We were camped on a small site and the rains just wouldn't stop. It was late evening and we looked outside the van and we were standing in at least an inch of water. The rains were still as heavy as ever so we made the decision to move to the higher ground on the other side of the site. We thought if we didn't we would be floating by morning! X

  2. It was a good thing people were in the site to get the news. We have flash floods with heavy rain (because most of the waterways are encased in cement and they rise until they overflow).I've camped in places where people set up along the river and ignore the warnings. Often it is children that get washed away.


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