Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Madrid, NM

(El Paso, TX)
We said Good-bye to our son, Shaun.  We had a wonderful visit with him. It was so good to hear how he was doing - which is great and he looks great.  

Dan & Shaun
And to all my friends in Albuquerque -- I miss them already!  I really enjoyed visiting with all my friends and catching up on what they have been doing for the past year.  Thank you for the encouraging words to keep on selling my quilts and posting my adventures.


We managed between visits, and errand running to take a scenic drive on Turquoise Trail to Santa Fe.  This is a road we often took on our motorcycle trips.  An excellent trip if you like taking rides on back country roads.

We did our traditional lunch stop at the Mine Shaft Tavern for lunch in Madrid – pronounced Mad Rid.  We stopped there for the atmosphere as well as for the food.  In the past, we were able to catch to the live entertainment.  We were never disappointed.


Beautiful Bells on display
The town was once a coal mining ghost town turned into a very colorful and lively artistic place to visit with galleries and shops.  I have always enjoyed walking down the main street after lunch.  There is always a lot of artwork - very enticing artwork - sitting in the front yards.  I try to do more window shopping, but I end up stopping to see what the shops and galleries have to offer along the way.  Don't these places look inviting?

Love the colors!
Excellent! Double doors with screens and red!
Madrid was the location for Maggie’s Diner in the movie “Wild Hogs” being filmed there.  Funny, that was not there before the movie.  Hmm, anyway, I have heard Madrid has an excellent Bluegrass Festival during the summer. 
Maggie's Diner
Funny movie, but I don't think it caught the wonderful essence of Madrid.

Today, we are in El Paso, TX.  We plan to stay a week because of the cold front coming down into New Mexico.  We don’t want to drive in any high winds.  I definitely don’t want to be in a dust storm!
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  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Amazingly beautiful. I love all of the colors, it makes me just want to pick up and head there for a visit. What a neat place!

  2. I loved the tour without moving from my coffee cup. What a colorful place to visit and your photos really show it off.

  3. I'm glad you stopped by Kelli. There are quite a few colorful towns in New Mexico. I hope you get to see them someday.

  4. Thanks Julie! I'm glad you enjoyed the tour.

  5. Great pictures! You should check out my parents blog. They travel part of the year, and my mom is getting into Quilting!

  6. Lovely bright and colourful photos, it looks lovely x

  7. Hi, just found your blog listed on the quilting gallery. Are you from SD? I am and have my blog listed there. It's called Better than I Deserve. I love your pictures I really want to see it all in person tho!!! Maybe some winter I can get my husband away from the cows long enough to go:) Julie

  8. WOw what a neat place! I LOVE all the pics! My husband is in the military and we are always trying to find a place to settle. I think we will add this to the list!! thanks for sharing all the great pics!

  9. Thanks Tracey, Madrid is a very small and colorful town. For me - it is a nice place to visit...


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