Saturday, February 5, 2011

1 Feb: Goodness! I can’t believe how much time has gone by. It has been almost a month since my last posting. Shame on Me! Surprisingly enough, I have been working on Vi’s quilt. I have finished 3 more blocks and I am almost done with the last one. But, I have finally admitted to myself that this quilt will not be done by mid-March. I still have a lot of sashings to finish. I won’t even mention the two large borders that I need to quilt and do not have a pattern picked out of either one of them. Then there is the binding left to do………Well, I suppose it would be a better gift to give at Christmas time than at the beginning of spring time.

I made some Chicken Tortilla Soup so I could spend more time outside.  Looks pretty enough to quilt!  LOL!

With all the news of bad ice and snow storms up north, I decided I should be showing my appreciation by being outside enjoying this beautiful Key West weather. So, I have been doing a lot of applique work while sitting outside with my cats in our screen house. It is like having my own screened in porch plus I have lots of sunlight for my work. We have been dry camping for the past 3 weeks and we need to conserve our energy. I’m doing my part! Only Dusty and Hitch will sit out there with me.

5 Feb: Great news! We moved to full hook-ups as of yesterday and we are right on the water! Gorgeous Day today so I was outside again. I spent the day pinning two small tops together. I had to fight the wind a little bit, but I got them done. Tomorrow, I hope to quilt them.

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  1. Yummy!! The soup looks delicious!! Could you share the recipe? Looks like your enjoying nice weather and full hookups is awesome. We've done some dry camping up at Baker Lake. With just a camper, the tank is pretty small so we have to be careful with the water. I enjoy my full hookups!
    Have a wonderful week!! So glad that you posted, I enjoy your blog!


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