Thursday, December 9, 2010

One More Block Done and Another Quilting Murder Solved!

Well, this block took a lot longer to finish considering I did not do much stitching on this block.  Can I blame it on the holidays?  Oh, and my brother came down for a visit and the weather was just perfect for being outdoors.  The cats wanted to go for walks and kayaking to do.  So, yea, lots of excuses for me not to be working on the quilt.  I guess I better stop with the excuses now the weather has turned a little colder and windier.  Time to do some serious quilting!


Quilt As You Go by Arlene SachitanoI just finish reading another Quilt-Murder-Mystery book called “Quilt As You Go” by Arlene Sachitano.  Yea, call me obsessive.  

Anyway, Arlene gave the best tip that I have ever heard.  I have often heard and read about threading a bunch of needles before you start your project to save you time. I have never tried it because I always thought I would cut a strand of thread, thread the needle, tie a knot and then……..well, where do I put the threaded needles? I would need to hide them so my cats would not tangle the thread or run off with the thread or worse – getting the needle with the thread. They have taken straight pins and needles in the past, but I have learned to hide all sharp objects while I am quilting. So I thought I would have to put the pre-threaded needles back into the pack and hide the pack. That sounds like more trouble than threading a needle as I needed it.

Here’s Arlene Sachitano: Load a whole package of needles onto the spool. Tie a knot in the end of the thread and then each time you want a new needle, you grab it and pull some thread out, then clip the thread and needle from the spool. Retie the end of the spool piece. Perfect! I can keep my needles and thread in a baggie and none of my smarty cats will be able to get to either one! HA!

Needles ready to go!

Oh, and how’s the book?  I would recommend it to anyone interested in murder mysteries and quilting.  The main character is a long-arm quilter so I have learned about the other side of the quilting business.  I’m more of a traditional quilter so I don’t know very much about the long-arm or the quilting business.  The story can be a little slow at times, but I like the characters.  I also like the story’s location which is near Sequim and Port Townsend, WA.  I spent a lot of my childhood growing up in the Puget Sound area on Whidbey Island.  This is the third one in a series of Harriet Truman/Loose Threads Mystery and I have read all three.  I hope she writes more Harriet Truman books.

Happy Holidays to All!


  1. That sounds like a fantastic idea! I definitely need to try that! Good luck with your project!! Enjoy your holiday!

  2. So far I have read all the Elm Creek series and all the quilt mysteries by Earlene Fowler. I didn't know there was another writer of quilt mysteries.I will have to put this author on my list for my next trip to the states. My kids think I go to Portland OR to visit them but I also need my book fix at Powells books.

  3. Thanks Michelle! I hope it works for you. Have a warm and safe holiday with your family. Sandy

  4. Hi Julie, Oh, I know that feeling for a book fix. is great for suggesting similar books to their readers. I think I was browsing through Earlene Fowler’s books when I saw the suggestion for Arlene’s books.

    Long before Benni Harper’s series came out, I found one book by Barbara Michaels. A paranormal mystery about a quilt called “Stitches in Time”. It is an old book so you probably will not find it in a bookstore. Emilie Richards also has quite a few books with quilt names as the titles. I have read “Wedding Ring”. It is more about human relationships with quilts in the background. This story was about three generations of women coming together at a difficult time in their lives. I liked it and I have two more waiting to be read: “Touching Stars” and Lover’s Knots”. There are others, but I haven’t read any of them. If you come across any new quilt authors, please let me know.
    Enjoy! Sandy


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