Thursday, June 11, 2009

Black Hills Quilters Guild Quilt Show

Dan’s sister, Kristy took Sandy to Rapid City with only one agenda – quilts and more quilts! Sandy had a blast last Saturday. She enjoyed meeting many of Kristy’s quilting friends along with the owner of Quilt Corral Too. Joan is the most friendly, easy-going shop owner that Sandy has ever met. The Strip Club quilting group showed many new items and material to purchase, but Sandy’s favorite part was the Show-n-Tell by the people attending. So many amazing stories and quilts! Kristy and Sandy spent over 3 hours between the Strip Club and browsing through many bolts of fabrics and patterns.

After re-energizing with lunch, they went to the annual quilt show at the Civic Center. There were over 400 quilts entered this year. There were also quite a few booths filled with quilting merchandise from shops in surrounding states. It was Heaven! Yes, Sandy took many pictures of the beautiful quilts. She has posted them in Webshots under Black Hills Quilt Show.

Here's a picture of Dick & Kristy on their back porch.

But wait! There’s more. After the quilt show, Kristy took Sandy to one more quilt shop - a beautiful 2-story historic building packed full of material. Every room in The Thimble Cottage Quilt Village is filled with anything and everything you can imagine for quilting. From the website here is a description of how this store became a village: Our wonderful new shop consists of a hotel built in 1934 and a Victorian house built in 1917. The two buildings were connected with a huge foyer in the early 70’s. So the Thimble Cottage Quilt Shop became the Thimble Cottage Quilt Village. Sandy did not take pictures of the quilt shops, but you can find both online. She highly recommends visiting both shops if you happen to be in the area.

Of course, Sandy was so inspired by her day out with Kristy that she had to come home and start sewing on her machine. Since it was raining, she had to setup her sewing room in the kitchen/dining area by clearing off her side of the counter and putting on the sink covers for extra space. She has been sewing ever since. Oh yea, and Dan can still sit at the dining counter with his laptop without getting stuck with a pin.

Sandy would also like to note that she did not bring home bags of material. She only brought home one small bag with Batik Fat Quarters for an ongoing appliqué project and a couple of patterns.

If you are wondering what Dan was doing this whole time, he was busy installing a US Gear Unified Tow Brake system in the Subaru in Dick and Kristy’s garage. It was nice to work indoors in a well set-up garage for the install.

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  1. Good on you, Sandy! You are my kind of gal! Paul and I are full-timers since March also,and I too am a quilter. For the time being, we are in an RV park outside my home town, Abilene, TX, in order to be near my elderly Mom and attend to her needs. We have managed to escape for one trip and plan another in September, but cannot wait to be 'free' as you and Dan. Just this week when we went to our storage unit and I pulled out a quilt top I made in order to begin hand quilting it, I could not help but touch and dream over my fabric stash in clear plastic bins. I have enough fabric to keep me busy for a couple of years at least (more) but have not yet figured out how the heck to find the space to do my cutting! I'm thinking perhaps you have inspired me! I have the fever bad now. I had pieced together 14 qult tops (twin sized to be used as throws) for our children, parents and my friend since age 4 about 18 months ago and have now hand-quilted 9 of those......more to go. Truth to tell though, my real love is the actual planning, cutting and piecing. The quilting is WORK.

    I'm glad Paul found your site and will enjoy keeping up with your travels and quilt projects! Show and tell is such fun, isn't it? Seeing what ideas others have and how they put them to use in their quilts. Happy quilting!

    Becky Lawry (Mrs. Dreamscape)


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